Now more than ever...Support Local, Let's help each other. Unity is Community and we got this.  We Can... 

We all realize that we're seeing unprecedented times ,but it is already clear to us that most have risen to the level of doing, or certainly trying like hell to do right, as we continue to work together.  We need to stand & STAY strong for the long haul, put aside differences and truly focus on good things, and We Can, You Can. There are tremendous Positive Vibes happening all around Our Community. Let's keep  supporting not only the people that live here, but support this Local Business Community that has vitality and a willingness to succeed at all costs. We really have come a long way in a short amount of time.  "Our Strength, for everyone of us and Our children... is Our Community."

This page will serve as a direct link to some pages that have a ton of information. Click the links for solid information. 


If you are makin' a positive difference in Our Community, throughout the County into the Lehigh Valley and Pocono's let's us know here at Colossal Radio. We'd Love to post & chat about the Positive Vibes...

Stay safe & Our Best Always...





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